How soon will I receive my order?

  • First and foremost, please ensure you have the correct address before checking out! It is not our responsibility if your local post office is not able to reach you! You may submit an order comb./address change form if you wish for your order to be sent to a different address than the one you have checked out with, however, please submit it as soon as possible as in-hand orders are processed within 2-3 days of purchase.
  • All if not most orders will be shipped via USPS. Packages are typically sent to the post office within two days of when the order was placed. Any orders placed after Friday night, over the weekend will be sent to the post office first thing on Monday! 
  • We, ETERNO, as a company ship Worldwide [Germany and Israel being the exception due to certain laws]. ETERNO is not responsible for any additional taxes, customs, or VAT placed on your package, it is the customer’s responsibility to pay for any additional fees required once the package enters your country.
  • Shipping prices are calculated at check out and we do not have control over the prices. 
  • If you happen to place separate orders on the same day or if your pre-ordered items happen to arrive at once, and you wish to have your orders combined. Please submit the order comb./address change form as soon as possible!
  • Any in-hand items ordered with pre-ordered items will be shipped together when the pre-ordered items arrive. Please keep that in mind when placing orders! If you'd like to receive the in-hand items first, separate orders must be placed.
  • Once a package is dropped off at the post office it is beyond us to know anything regarding its whereabouts besides the tracking number, if you do run into any issues with your delivery, please contact your local post office.
  • Shipping insurance for U.S. orders is automatically covered by the shipping amount you'll be charged at check out. Please contact your chosen shipping courier for any issues that may occur during transit.


PS : due to the ongoing Pandemic employment issue for post offices, while we try to get orders out as soon as possible, please be mindful that sometimes post offices are overwhelmed with packages throughout the week, allow an additional few days for your order(s) to arrive!



Refund and return policy?

  • While refunds and returns are not allowed as everything is a final sale, you may cancel your order within 24 hours.
  • Taking the fact that most if not all pins are LE, we will not be able to issue any replacement pieces. A partial refund will be issued if desired and agreed upon instead. 
  • Refunds will not be permitted on any Pre-Ordered items once production begins. Please keep that in mind when placing an order for Pre-order item(s)!
  • If and for whatever reason your package is returned to us, we will hold the package and reach out to you regarding the next steps. You may choose to purchase another label and pay the fees, or receive a partial refund that consists of the items total amount only. The shipping cost will not be refunded as the item has been shipped the first time around.



What is the difference between the pin grades?

Every pin maker grades their pins differently. Do keep in mind that most enamel pins are handmade and in most cases there will be minimal flaws regardless of the grade. If a pin design shows the same flaw all throughout, most likely the flaw will be disregarded and the pins will be considered a Standard grade so long as the flaw is minimal. we grade them as the following: 

  • STANDARD grade: shows minimal to some imperfections. These are best of the bunch.
  • SECONDS grade: has visible imperfections that can easily be picked up from a short distance. 
  • MYSTERY/MIXED grade: either STANDARD or SECONDS grade! 



Will there be any Pre-orders?

In the case that may occur, please allow anywhere from 1-5 months for the production to be completed and items to be delivered to you. The best of the batch will go towards pre-orders and if there will be any remaining pins, they will be sold after the pre-ordered pins will be sent out, possibly at a slightly higher price if they were to be graded.



Can I re-sell or trade the pins?

 Ultimately once you have purchased any of the pins, you're free to do whatever you'd like with them, re-sell, trade, gift. It's really up to you, but we do want to mention a few things:

  • No reselling at a higher price of any P4P items than what it originally sold for. Drop price + Ship + Fess + Ship.
  • No reselling of any in stock pins. 
  • You may trade, or regift them as you wish after 7 days of when the items arrive to you. 



Will there be restock?

  • If a design is marked as LE, a variant, or not enough interest in restocking, then unfortunately no. do keep in mind that currently everything is LE, meaning once they're gone, they will not be restocked. 
  • The only time an item being restocked is when enough people are interested for us to place another order.

PS: do keep in mind that if an item is being restocked, it may take a few weeks and up to about three months for it to be back in stock!


All order inquiries/any questions regarding any of the products must be asked via Email: eternopins@gmail.com rather than DMing the Instagram page. 

All of the policies above are subject to change, however, if  a change were to be made to the policies, I will make an announcement regarding the change(s)!

DISCLAIMER: We do not claim ownership over any of the characters, or titles. Everything that is sold in this shop is an inspired design and is not meant to be sold as official merchandize of whichever series it is inspired by. 

Policies as of 04/13/22